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Shrink Wrap and Transport Preparation

ASAPack is a supplier of flexible packaging solutions to a number of large companies, particularly in the energy and offshore industry. We specialize in packing and lashing of small and large transport and export goods and tailor our products to meet our costumers’ needs.

If a customer requires the goods to be pack on a specific location, we are able to send our team of experts to prepare the goods for transportation at any desired location.

ASAPack is a Dr.Shrink partner

ASAPack has entered into an exclusive partnership with the international foil producer Dr.Shrink. The collaboration means that ASAPack forward given the status of “packing-partner” and has become a part of an international packing setup. For our customers this means that ASAPack always is able to find a qualified supplier and able to pack items world-wide, all depending on the specific needs of the customer.

This is just a small selection of ASAPack’s comprehensive range of products and services. We specialize also in a number of other tasks, such as smaller assembly and repackaging services and offer all kinds of requirement-specific wood packaging such as pallets, pallet collars, wooden boxes etc. Read more about assembly and repackaging or on wood packaging.