Shrink wrapping

We specialize in shrink-wrapping, foliation, lashing, and preparation for transport of small and large items. Our corrosion protecting shrink wrapping enable our customers to store their goods outdoors for extended periods, without damaging them. At the same time, customers who store their goods outdoors with shrink wrapping save a great deal of money, as they avoid having to degrease items after applying anti-corrosion coating. Our shrink wrapping methods are perfect for exports that require protection from corrosion, UV-radiation, and other extreme weather conditions during transport. We service a variety of large companies in the oil-, gas-, and wind power industries as well the machine industry, in Denmark as well as internationally.

Lashing of goods

We offer lashing of goods for the industrial sector, including complete preparation of products for transport in cooperation with the best product suppliers on the market for cargo security and lashing equipment. Whether you need a custom-designed or standard solution for securing and lashing of goods, we have got you covered with the best products and the optimal service for your needs. We lash and secure all types of goods in all sizes.

We sell a range of carefully selected products based on our experience. We offer everything from lashing straps and lashing equipment to dunnage bags, anti-slip mats, and much more.

If you need professional help with preparing your goods for transport, we have a team of competent employees who specialize in lashing. They are ready to service you at national and international locations if the need arises.

Complete solutions

We carry out complete solutions in packaging, lashing, and when required, storage and transport of goods. Our team of lashing specialists drive out and solve packaging- and lashing tasks for customers in all of Denmark, all seven days of the week. 

Contract packaging

For the customers who need a packaging partner, we offer contract packaging for securing of goods during transport. We provide free sample packaging, so you have the opportunity to test the quality of our solutions. 


For our do-it-yourself customers, we offer a shrink wrapping kit, which contains foil, shrink gun and accessories. The kit includes everything needed for customers to package their goods themselves.

VCI Foil

ASAPack has a complete program in corrosion protection packaging product, such as VCI foil and liquid VCI products. VCI foil is an anti-corrosion foil, and our VCI products offer you the best safeguard against rough weather and corrosion.

An ASAPack packaging solution that effectively protects against corrosion ensures that our customers’ products are delivered clean, dry, and without corrosion. We offer this without an extra handling charge.

ASAPack A/S is partnered with Zerust AB, which is a Swedish company that specializes in producing corrosion protecting products. Their products effectively protect metal components and electrical equipment from the destructive effects of oxidation.

In close collaboration with the customer, we provide cost-efficient solutions which protect products during transport and storage in harsh environments. For example, this might be environments with extreme humidity and significant variations of temperature. Our foil packaging is environmentally certified and reusable.

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