Lashing materials and accessories

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We offer all the essential materials and equipment for lashing and securing goods. We sell lashing products made by Rothschenk who produce lashing products of the highest quality. Among other things, we offer anti-slip mats, dunnage bags, lashing straps and webs, as well as a large variety of lashing accessories such as buckles, hooks and other lashing tools for securing cargo.

Lashing solutions for wind power

We specialize in lashing solutions for the wind power industry. We offer custom-designed solutions for securing large components of wind turbines as well as custom-designed covers for protection of vulnerable openings. Read more about our wind power solutions.

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Anti-Slip Mats for securing cargo

Dunnage bags

Rothschenk RED Line Bag

Rothschenk Double Chamber Bag

Rothschenk Classic Bag

Rothschenk S.A.M. Bag

Rothschenk 3D Bag

Rothschenk bag filling adapter

Rubber blocks

Rubber blocks

Lashing straps and webs

Rothschenk Lashing web

Rothschenk Lashing 2’s / 3’s /4’s

Lashing accessories

Rothschenk Lashing accessories

Special Y Cover

Rothschenk Special Y Cover

Special Wind Power solutions

Special Wind Power solutions

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