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Progress through Innovation

ASAPack A/S is owner-managed and a part of ASAGroup, which employs about 100 people. ASAPack focuses on offering packaging of industrial goods, that require protection against the elements during storage, to avoid corrosion.

Our mantra is to stand ready and solve task professionally. We tailor our solutions to the customer, and our extensive experience often contributes to new, improved solutions.


ASAGroup A/S is the majority shareholder in 10 companies. The companies share a synergy, some in regards to sales, and some in regards to production, between the companies. ASAGroup is established and owner-managed by Kim Agerfeldt Sommer and Jakob Bisgaard, who started the joint entrepreneurial project in 2011. Today, ASAGroup employs +100 people with departments in Denmark, Poland, and Norway.

ASAGroup has stated objectives which are common for all the companies

We must keep our agreements.

We must create value for our customers.

We must develop solutions together with our customers.

We must establish long term partnerships with our customers.


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