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Wood Packaging for Every Purpose

At ASAPack we offer our customers customized, flexible and cost-effective solutions for wood packaging. We provide packaging for all kinds of purposes and tailor our services to meet your needs.

We are a supplier of wood packaging to a number of large companies, where we offer various products such as wooden boxes, euro pallets, pallet collars and a variety of other custom-made packaging solutions.

We are always focused on the specific requirements that our customers might have to their packaging needs.

Pallets, Wooden Boxes and Crates

Our expertise is wood packaging in all sizes. Often, our customers have special requests to the carrying capacity and design. Here we have a setup where we are competitive on price and delivery. We have great product knowledge and can guide our customers in choosing the most appropriate and cost effective packaging solutions. When it comes to boxes for export or transport, we are specialized in providing flexible solutions of all sizes. Our deliveries include product insurance.

We have the greatest flexibility within packaging

If you need worldwide cargo ship transportation above or below deck, aircraft-, container-, truck-, train- transportation or long-term storage, preservation and corrosion protection, then we have a solution for you, often followed by savings. At ASAPack we strive to be more flexible than our competitors.

Total solution

We provide total solutions of packaging, corrosion protection and lashing. Our team of packaging experts solve packaging and lashing tasks at any location, 7 days a week. All customers at ASAPack are covered by our product liability insurance.

Let ASAPack give you a quote on an alternative packaging solutions that both protects your products and boosts your bottom line. We also have a production of barrier bags, also known as aluminum foil bags and a full product range in VCI corrosion protective foil.