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ISPM 15 Certificate

ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) Plant Directorate has approved ASAPack as a business and we are therefore certified to stamp wooden packaging with the internationally recognized ISPM 15 mark.

Why ISPM 15?

ISPM 15 is an international common standard adopted by the IPPC, the heat treatment of non-manufactured wood for the manufacture of packaging. ISPM 15 labeling ensures that packaging can always be identified, no matter where it ends. The reason that we have adopted ISPM 15 is that tree, and hence wooden packaging may contain plant diseases and pests. To avoid the spreading, the wood used for the manufacture of wooden packaging it therefore heat-treated. More and more countries choose to follow ISPM 15 due to the requirements of all wood packaging imported into the EU have to comply with ISPM 15.


In case of export, the recipient country’s rules always apply, and more and more countries require that the wood that is used for packaging must meet the requirements and be labeled according to ISPM 15.

It is only approved companies that are able to heat-treat wood. And it is only approved companies that may manufacture and stamp packaging of heat-treated wood, if the packaging is to comply with ISPM 15.