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Anti-rust Packaging Solutions

ASAPack has a complete range of corrosion protective packaging products, such as VCI film and liquid VCI products. VCI film is an anti-corrosion film and with these anti-corrosion packaging products we can offer you the best protection against bad weather, rust and corrosion.

With an ASAPack packaging solution that protects against rust, our customers are ensured that their products are delivered clean, dry and free from corrosion, with no additional operating and handling costs. We protect your products for up to 3 years – with warranty.

Corrosion-protective VCI film

Corrosion problems be prevented by:

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Eco-protection
  • Secure transport and storage


It is quite familiar that rust can be harmful to metal components. Therefore is ASAPack, in cooperation with ZERUST, making corrosion protection for everything from small delicate metal components to large bulky metal products. Corrosion is also a costly problem to the electronics industry. Therefore has ZERUST also developed effective methods for protecting electrical products during transport, storage and use in aggressive environments – applying for both outdoor and indoor locations.

How do you insure that your products are not affected by the severe impacts that are often present during transport and storage before delivering to the final destination? A close associate provides custom-made solutions. ASAPack cooperates with ZERUST AB, which is a Swedish company that specializes in producing corrosion protection, which effectively protects the metal components and electrical equipment against the degrading effects of oxidation.

In close cooperation with the customer, we find cost-effective solutions that protect products during transportation and storage in aggressive environments. This may for instance be the tough conditions, where humidity is extremely high, with large temperature swings. We also help you to protect electronic components that are located in aggressive environments.

ZERUST technology is safe for both you and the environment. ZERUST’s range of corrosion protection is based on a technology that is designed to be safe for both the user and with the utmost respect for the environment. The unique VCI material which stands for Volatile Corroson Inhibitor that we use in our products, releases corrosion inhibiting particles that protect the metal surface.

This patented composition that neither smells nor visually appears, evaporates from the metal surface as soon as the package is opened again. ZERUST’s products comply with international health and safety standards, can be recycled and are authorized to be disposed as plain packaging.

ZERUST are as a company quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Collaborating with us ensures the quality of your supplies and saves you and your customers a number of problems that are caused by different forms of corrosion. We solve corrosion problems worldwide.
ZERUST AB is part of the international group Northern Technologies International Corporation, which is active in many countries throughout the world. The Group is engaged in research and development at multiple locations in the world, which makes it possible to offer market-leading solutions that provide the best thinkable corrosion protection that respects the environment. Moreover, you as a customer have access to technical support throughout the journey – from the production to final destination. To prevent emerge of corrosion it is important to look at the entire production. Collaborating with ZERUST and us often starts by us identifying and preventing the factors that cause corrosion. Thereafter, we take a cost effective corrosion protection that adapts to the product. We also help rationalize packaging processes that are found in the production.

Another important part of the cooperation is to convey the knowledge of how to avoid emergence of corrosion at the production and the distribution. We do this by offering consultancy visits, education and to organize internal seminars in the company about corrosion and protection.

Forced tests in the laboratory helps choose the right corrosion protection

In order to take the optimal solution for your products, we test the corrosion protection under extreme conditions. The tests are conducted in climate chambers, where we simulate temperature and humidity. We also perform test-deliveries that we supply with a data logger that records the actual climate conditions during the journey. All packaging from ZERUST is tested and checked before it is sent to the customer.

Customized product line for optimum corrosion protection

ASAPack in cooperate with ZERUST wants to share the extensive experience and knowledge we have about how to protect metal components and electrical equipment against corrosion during transport and storage in a cost-effective way. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about how to package your products to avoid corrosion.

This is how the VCI-method works

ZERUST’s program for corrosion protection is based on a patented VCI-technology (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor). This implies that the package releases an invisible and odorless vapor which leaves a corrosion protective molecular layer on all exposed metal surfaces. This protective layer prevents the electrochemical corrosion process. When the package is later opened again, the protective layer evaporates quickly and the clean and dry parts immediately are accessible – this without cleaning or further processing.

ZERUST VCI products are tested and approved by world’s leading wind turbine and automakers.

Total solution

We provide total solutions with packing, packaging, lashing and possible storage and transport of goods. Our team of lashing experts run out and solve packing and lashing tasks for customers across the country 7 days a week. All customers at ASAPack are covered by our product liability insurance.