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Energy & Offshore


ASAPack is a supplier to some of the largest companies in Denmark within wind, gas and energy industry. We focus a great deal on packaging demand of the offshore and energy sector and are passionate about creating innovative solutions. We are continuously developing our products and services within packaging and lashing, so that we can continue to offer the latest and best products to our customers. Our customers save millions by working with us.

We offer a total solution:

  • Packaging and lashing
  • Corrosion protection
  • Transport and export preparations

In the offshore and energy industry it is important that goods are rust protected during transportation, why we make sure to pack the items into corrosion protection VCI foil and ensure export preparation of the goods.

Our team of experts drive out to the customers across the country and solve packaging and lashing 7 days a week.

Read more about the package and lashing as well as our special and stainless packing methods under Packaging and Lashing or VCI Foil.