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Energy and Offshore


ASAPack specializes in solving packing and lashing for a variety of industrial customers, particularly in the offshore sector. We offer a total solution package in corrosion protective film, lashing and transport preparation. We pack small as well as large items, everything from machine parts for major wind turbine parts etc.
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Packing and Lashing


At ASAPack we offer our customers customized, flexible and cost-effective solutions for lashing and packing – with a focus on high security against damage during transport. We wrap and pack all types of goods for both aircraft, ship, train or road transport and take care of large and small tasks.
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Rust Protective Packaging


VCI film is an anti-corrosion film and with these anti-corrosion packaging products we can offer you the best protection against bad weather, rust and corrosion. With an ASAPack packaging solution that protects against rust, we ensure clean and dry products without corrosion.
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