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ASAPack Company Profile

asapack-domicil-profil-480x250ASAPack Ltd. is an owner-managed company established in 2011. The company has since inception experienced rapid growth and currently employs approx. 30 people. ASAPack is both a production and service company with a strong focus on innovation in solutions for customers.

In relation to transport preparation, ASAPack offers solutions that are thought all the way around the product/customer’s needs. We offer to construct an appropriate packaging in wooden containers and corrosion protective film and prepare the items for transport.

ASAPack also solves a number of assembly tasks, finishing and after-treatment tasks, relabeling tasks, especially for industrial customers who benefit from the flexibility in terms of capacity, delivery and consistent quality of task performance.

ASAPack is a nationwide provider of packaging solutions, operation from Vejen, located close to the E20 motorway.

ASAPack’s objectives

ASApack aims to be the preferred supplier of customized assembly and packaging solutions for the Danish industry.
ASAPack’s goal is for our customers to achieve cost savings and greater efficiency in the value chain by using our solutions. ASAPack aims to create long-term partnerships, where we become part of the customer’s capacity, whether it is in case of industrial wood packaging and souring or to solve various assembly and after-treatment tasks.

ASAPack’s values:

ASAPack contributes to improving packaging solutions for customers. We, as a subcontractor, are able to help increase the competitiveness of our customers.

ASAPack focuses on credibility above all. We are working to establish a transparent and competitive cost for our services and deliver as agreed. This contributes to creation of long-term customer relationships, which for us is a reflection of a good customer-supplier collaboration.

ASAPack strives to be more flexible than our competitors. We are always ready when our customers need us. Flexibility is valuable to our customers in several links out in the value chain. Our team will be ready and will fight to reach your deadline, even when your demand is changing. The examples are many and we are able to offer express delivery of even labor-intensive production and deliveries.

It’s easy to do business with us

We follow a verified structure when you do business with us.

Phase 1: Analysis of your needs. Through dialogue, we form an overview of your specific needs and any outstanding issues relating to seals and packaging.

Phase 2: Solution suggestion and offerings. We match the expectations with you and give proposals for a new solution. We provide a total solution proposal, where milestones and targets are planned, for example, the packaging capacity and performance, delivery process and what standards must be met. An offer is provided, which you than are able to consider.

Phase 3: Delivery – sample order is possible. We deliver as agreed and evaluate subsequent to delivery, so that we make sure to achieve continuous success.

Phase 4: Fixed contracting agreement. Based on the obtained results, it is possible to establish a firm supply contract with ASAPack that ensures your business a cost effective delivery of packaging, souring or perhaps assembly task.

General terms and conditions of sales and deliveries at ASAPack