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Rothschenk Bag RED Line

New generation dunnage bag for load securement.


Rothschenk Bag Classic

Classic dunnage bags are designed for normal loading conditions in void sizes. We are able to customize all classic dunnage bags to meet your requirements.

Available with one-way or reusable valves.


Rothschenk Bag 3D

3D bags are the perfect solution for larger voids. Available with one-way or reusable valves, and in stronger variations for greater load bearing and restraint.


Rothschenk Bag Double Chamber

The Double Chamber bags are for large voids, with a high load force. Available with one-way or reusable valves.


Rothschenk Bag S.A.M.

SAM = “System of Anti-slip material”.

Developed specifically for securing cargo in temperature sensitive containers, such as reefer containers and trailers, where the sidewalls are smooth and strap attachment points like eyelets are absent. The load unit is secured by two dunnage bags that are connected by sewn in straps over the top and back of the load, greatly reducing the possibility of the cargo moving towards the rear.


Rothschenk Bag Filling Adapter

Filling adaptors for both Mono and Multi bags with a pistol grip or valve configuration. The handheld blower inflator is used on the Multi bags, or the rechargeable unit that can be used for filling or deflating a bag.

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3D Bag

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