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Assembly, Repackaging and Aftertreatment

At ASAPack we offer our customers customized, flexible and cost-effective solutions within assembly and repackaging. We tailor our services to meet our costumers’ needs.

We assemble and pack any types of small and large items and offer services like labeling, display packaging, non-food packaging, cardboard box-packaging, plastic bag packing ect.

As we have a large and flexible workforce, we can often solve tasks at very short notice when required. Whether it is relabeling, assembly, packaging tasks, stock picking or other tasks, we provide a per unit price for the work we perform, so that our costumers always know the exact cost of our service.

We also offer and implement inventory control systems and are able to pick and pack on demand.

Outsource your task to ASAPack!

We can help streamline your production by solving different tasks for your company that for you may be labor-intensive and not necessarily your core competence. We have an efficient team of staff who is ready to take your orders and perform tasks on time, with high speed and at competitive prices.

Short delivery times

When required, we have the capacity to do the job quickly and effectively, with short delivery time. We have the ability to pick up and deliver your goods up to several times a day if necessary. This primarily involves tasks with repeated operations such as assembly tasks, montage, labeling etc. We have a team of staff that always is ready and available when needed.

This is just a small selection of ASAPacks comprehensive range of products and services. We also specialize on other products and tasks, such as contract packing and lashing/souring of large items for transport and export industry, as well as all kinds of requirement specific wood packaging such as pallets, pallet collars, wooden boxes etc. Read more about lashing and souring or on wood packaging.